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Reusable shopping bags are a great way to go green while saving green. An eco-friendly and economical lifestyle often go hand-in-hand – and being resourceful is a great way to sync those goals.

For example, re-usable shopping bags are a great way to cut down on waste and clutter. But there are also frugal ways to put them to use beyond the grocery store aisles.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


  1. Store important financial documents
  2. Pack your lunch in it
  3. Take it to the beach/pool
  4. Use it as a diaper bag
  5. Use it as a plane carry-on
  6. Give it as a gift bag
  7. Let your kids use it to collect candy on Halloween
  8. Keep your produce in it
  9. Store your tax documents
  10. Use it as a catch-all in your car
  11. Use it as an extra travel bag
  12. Take it to the farmer’s market
  13. Use it to carry library books
  14. Keep snacks in it for road trips
  15. Transport food to special events
  16. Store/haul gardening tools
  17. Consolidate multiple shopping bags
  18. Store miscellaneous pet items
  19. Toys on the floor? Throw them in the bag
  20. Use it for a trip to the hospital
  21. Toiletries for a trip
  22. Put your sandy/wet towels and clothes in it after a trip to the beach
  23. Store your medications in it
  24. Use it as a makeup bag
  25. Use as an activity bag for the kids – or yourself!
  26. Use to store emergency items: Candles, flashlight, matches, bottle of water, granola bars
  27. Store first-aid items
  28. Store craft items
  29. Take it to the gym
  30. Forgo the tool box and create a tool bag
  31. Store stuff to take to Goodwill
  32. Use it for garage sale/thrift store shopping
  33. Carry a change of clothes/shoes

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