More than one in four (27%) Americans

Of course! And I’d be one of them!! It’s not even about the $$ more so than the secrecy of it all. Not only was the money covered up until the sleuth that I am uncovered it (hah), but I’d be more curious as to what the hell was bought/used by it all? I’d have to imagine it was for stuff outside of the house or else I’d notice it coming in, right? Which means fancy dinners, entertainment, sneaky hotel rooms – OMG my wife is cheating on me!!! How could I be so oblivious??? Haha…

More than one in four (27%) Americans with financial secrets are hiding a secret checking account

That’s pretty freaky. And again, warrants the question of “why?” What are you so afraid of hiding from your significant other? Or is it more of a control/independence type thing? Cuz that I totally get, and which is why both the wife and I have our own “do as we please” accounts. Though we rarely use them anymore… It feels good knowing we have something of our own though since everything’s merged and shared these days – especially with kids now in the picture. No shame in keeping a little independence! But not sure why it needs to be kept a secret…

Devil’s Advocate: D’uh guys, the accounts are secret because they’re for gifts for their sexy lovers! They have to hide them so they don’t ruin the surprise when they go over their accounts and see 1-800-Flowers and Scandalous Lingerie Party as line items. It’s all for their significant others! 🙂

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