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One of the beauties of running Rockstar Finance is that I get to see a ton of cool ways to talk about money that doesn’t sound like the same thing over and over again, even though it is 😉 Unfortunately that also means I have to sift through hundreds of articles every day that DO actually sound the same (the point of Rockstar is to feature only the “gems” I come across), but it’s a small price to pay so my readers don’t have to – hah.

Anyways, this post was inspired by Jon who coincidentally had one of my same financial memories growing up too. Though he chose a different path in the end (you’ll have to click to see! ;))

Here are the four memories that impacted my finances the most:

“There’s nothing wrong with used stuff!” – Momma $

If my mother had a blog, it would be called Used Stuff is Sexy (though considering she still doesn’t know what I do for a living, I doubt that would ever come to be ;)). I’ve never met a person who loves getting a good deal so much, and she instilled in us children early on the power of being thrifty. Mainly for the savings it brought (she raised us on a meager Military salary as a stay-at-home mom), but also for the “thrill of the hunt.” So it’s no surprise where I got my love of yard sales and thrift shops from. Or my hankering for antiques – which by nature MUST be old and used!

Here are all the areas we now save on immensely because of my mom:

  • Clothes for myself
  • Clothes for my kids
  • Toys for my kids
  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Music (think records – mmmm…)
  • Cars (the most savings!)

Stuff we never bought used were food and underwear – I wonder why?

“You can buy anything you want… If you go out and earn it.” – Momma $

This was another of my mother’s favorite sayings, and one that taught me the best lesson of all: how to appreciate money. Nothing puts things in better perspective than having to go out and earn all those dollars yourself! Especially when your allowance is only $1.00/week – hah! But time and time again my mother continued repeating it until it finally sunk in and I

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