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Recently, I had the opportunity to ask author Phil Villarreal to choose a favorite tip from his new book Secrets of a Stingy Scoundrel. His choice was a tip where he advises people to purchase a cubic zirconium engagement ring and claim it is a family heirloom. While some might find that practice shady, it’s hard for me to throw stones. I’ve been pretending my diamond earrings are actual diamonds for the past five years.
I wasn’t planning to lie to my heirs about the fake rocks, but I certainly wasn’t volunteering their true nature when people commented on their size and clarity. You see, when my husband bought me diamond earrings for our 10th anniversary, I promptly returned and replaced with fakes. (Yes, he knows!) I just couldn’t justify the cost nor could I bear the responsibility of having something so valuable (I have a history of losing things).
I haven’t given the earring swap a second thought until now. Since I never want to be accused of being a shady character, I offer this public confession. So does it matter to you that my diamonds aren’t actually diamonds? Would it matter if they were yours?
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What you did was beyond tacky and ungrateful. It is not that YOU were unable to justify the expense because the diamond earrings were a gift. Your article is one of the reasons why living frugally gets such a bad rap. In the wrong hands, the practice just appears mean and grubby.

Diamond Earring says:

such a nice veiw. Diamond earring is always a lovely gift for valentine couple.

Ellen says:

I don’t blame you in the least for preferring to wear cz’s. Most people in commenting on your beautiful earrings wouldn’t say “are they real?” So to respond to a compliment, Thank you is all that is needed.

Lisa Ashton says:

I LOL when I read this and was reminded of a time that I traded a diamond for a computer desk for my five sons. I think you had the last laugh though when no one realized your earrings were not really diamonds.

Megan says:

I don’t blame you at all for having fake diamonds. If I cared for the look of diamond jewlery at all, that’s probably what I would do too. I actually have a family heirloom diamond engagement ring. I never wear it because I’m worried that I will lose it. If we hadn’t inherited the diamond, I would have been perfectly happy with a sterling silver and turquoise ring (turquoise is my favorite stone and color), but as it is, I have a diamond ring.

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