How I Make Millions Of Dollars Through Youtubers

Being an internet marketer is one of the most lucrative job options these days; I vouch for that by my personal experience of being an internet
marketer. Internet advertising is a thriving market in this article I hope to provide a better picture of how the internet market works and share
some valuable facts that I picked up from my experience.

Like any other market the internet works the same way, the rules of advertising remain the same; the only thing that matters is the placement of your
advertisement. The internet is a vast platform and in order to accrue maximum benefits it is necessary to know where to market your product. Due to
sheer size of the internet the advertiser may find it difficult to advertise his product efficiently .The mantra of successful marketing lies in the
word ??targeted’, in order sell a product one must know where the audience lies.

For example promoting a bikini brand in Greenland is pointless due the freezing temperatures but if you advertise the same product in Los Angeles or
Malibu the rate of return will be exceptional. Similarly if you are advertising an anti-aging cream to a sizable amount of viewers on the internet it
is very difficult to estimate the percentage of people who may actually be interested in buying the product. Whereas if you advertise your product on a
blog that specifically talk about anti-ageing products the result yielded will be greater.

In my personal opinion the best place to find the perfect audience for your product is YouTube. The viewers on YouTube look for things they are interested
in; therefore advertising on a video related to your product ensures a higher success rate.

As an internet marketer my marketing regime is very simple and straightforward, I acquire products from Clickbank, Amazon or any website that renders
commission to markets or has an affiliate program. I then log on to , select the video that fits the requirement and contact the video
maker to advertise the product on his channel or upcoming videos. This form of marketing is very effective and yields maximum result due to the credibility
the video makers bring with it . A simple recommendation of your product by any of these youtubers to their audience can do wonders.

The ad cost charged by the video makers is calculated on a system called CPFV. CP is referred to Cost Marketing and FV is referred to as Fixed Views i.e.
the average number of views that the video makers receives. The average is calculated on the basis of the views on his previous videos. The video makers
calculates views for the first 30 days of the video release, the advertisement is permanently published in the video which ensures that demand remains steady.

The key to successful marketing lies in the art of recognising your market, it is very important for and advertisers to not only identify the market for
their products but also to place his product on that platform in an efficient way. Market returns rely heavily on product placement.

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